Interactiever helps organisations to create, evolve, automate and accellerate their (partner) sales channels.

Business Development and Sales Channel Development

To develop your sales process and make a clear distinction between the different sales channels if necessary.

Further process

Information Communication Technology

Our technical skills are what distinguishes Interactiever from other sales managers, development managers and partnersales managers.

We advise in the best software strategy for your salesforce and are able to make sure this choice is adjusted to your needs. Uploads of existing information is part of the service.

Latest Work

What my customers say about me

Our B2B channel is now an automated process and it makes it very easy to onboard new partners. Interactiever helped us enormous to accomplish this. We look forward to further our onboarding process.

Thanks to Interactiever our internet is the right price/speed combination and we receive excellent support. Our website has a necessary facelift and all our outdated software packs have been changed and adjusted to our needs. Great!